Want To Know If Your Bartender Is Any Good? Have Them Make This Drink

We gathered America’s top bartenders to ask them if it would be possible to judge a fellow bartender by having them make just one drink. We were surprised how many had the same answer: The Daiquiri. No, not that frozen concoction you can get out of a slushie machine at a bad resort, but the simple mix of lime, sugar… »9/10/15 5:43pm9/10/15 5:43pm

Hobby Lobby Taught America a Lot About Contraception. That's the Problem

I first learned about Plan B (a.k.a. the morning-after pill) in 2009. I was 17 years old and accompanying a male friend to his STD screening at a Planned Parenthood in Canoga Park, not far from where I grew up in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. After a few cancellations, I snagged an appointment of my own. The… »6/25/14 3:00pm6/25/14 3:00pm

Tesla Vs. the Hypocrisy of Free-Market Politicians

When New Jersey governor Chris Christie spoke this spring at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he attacked Obamacare as an example of big government "trying to control the free market." He also took a jab at Senate majority leader Harry Reid, saying Reid, who has lambasted the Koch brothers for donating… »6/24/14 12:00pm6/24/14 12:00pm