Chef Marcus Samuelsson Makes His Unconventional Swedish Meatballs

Playboy senior editor Jeremy Repanich used to be very fat. After losing a ton of weight, he’s decided to have the world’s greatest chefs feed him their best dishes to plump him up again. In this episode, Marcus Samuelsson prepares some meatballs inspired by his Swedish upbringing, but with an Italian twist. » 7/11/15 11:23pm 7/11/15 11:23pm

Watch This So You Don't Look Like a Fucking Noob While Eating Sushi

What should you do with that Wasabi? Can I use my fingers? I’m supposed to eat that ginger, right? Katuzaka Iimori, the executive chef at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya in New York City, answers all those questions when he shows us the proper way to eat sushi.

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Hobby Lobby Taught America a Lot About Contraception. That's the Problem

I first learned about Plan B (a.k.a. the morning-after pill) in 2009. I was 17 years old and accompanying a male friend to his STD screening at a Planned Parenthood in Canoga Park, not far from where I grew up in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. After a few cancellations, I snagged an appointment of my own. The… » 6/25/14 3:00pm 6/25/14 3:00pm

Tesla Vs. the Hypocrisy of Free-Market Politicians

When New Jersey governor Chris Christie spoke this spring at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he attacked Obamacare as an example of big government "trying to control the free market." He also took a jab at Senate majority leader Harry Reid, saying Reid, who has lambasted the Koch brothers for donating… » 6/24/14 12:00pm 6/24/14 12:00pm

Extreme, Part 2: An Original Short Story by Don Winslow

Novelist Don Winslow, author of Savages and The Kings of Cool, has written a three-part serial entitled Extreme exclusively for Playboy. Winslow's newest work of fiction debuted in the magazine's May 2014 issue and will continue to run through its July/August 2014 edition. Read the second installment below. » 6/20/14 12:00pm 6/20/14 12:00pm

A Bartending Icon Decides To Share All of His Secrets, Starting With This Barrel-Aged Cocktail

This is a special time for me, both as a bartender and as a writer. I've spent the past 18 years behind the bar, obsessively learning all I can about my chosen craft, then the last two years committing that knowledge to paper. Last week, all of that hard work culminated with the release of my first book, The Bar… » 6/19/14 8:17pm 6/19/14 8:17pm