Last April, we sent photographer Jeff Minton, perhaps the only man ever to shoot for Thrasher and the New Yorker, to the Playboy Mansion for the better part of a week. His assignment: Lend his irreverent eye to one of the most famous addresses on Earth. In all, he took nearly 4,000 photos—i.e., no detail, no matter how big or how minute, escaped that irreverent eye of his. Over the next few months, 400 or so of these images will appear on the Mansion's official Facebook page, with one new album debuting each week for the foreseeable future. But because we're an impatient lot, we wanted to share a few of our favorites below.

The Great Hall, exactly what you see when you first walk in the door. In all, the main house is roughly 21,000 square feet with 30 rooms.

That's so meta! No workshop is complete without centerfolds hanging from its walls, even at the Playboy Mansion, where actual centerfolds have been known to wander.

Carl, the Mansion's surly African Crane, photobombs Miss July 2003 Marketa Janska.

Where it all began. A sketch of Hef hanging next to a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, the original cover girl who made the magazine's inaugural issue a runaway best-seller and turned Hef's DIY entrepreneurial pursuit into an actual business.

The vast Hefner film collection. He has obsessively dubbed movies from myriad television feeds ever since dubbing such feeds was possible.

Girls on trampolines. The girls on this trampoline: Miss May 2006 Alison Waite and Miss April 2013 Jaslyn Ome.

The lady of the house, Crystal Hefner, and her loyal servant, Charlie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The other lady of the house, Lady MacBeth, a hyacinth macaw and one of many bird species that roam the property.

Cooper Hefner, the image of his father, pouring a Pepsi beside the, um, image of his father.

The standard Hefner uniform: Black silk pajamas and this red brocaded smoking jacket.

The Library, complete with bound volumes of the magazine (but of course) and the backdrop for most of the press interviews conducted on the premises.

It takes an army to tend to the 5.7 acres that the Mansion sits upon, making it one of the largest private properties in Los Angeles.