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Hop into the Test Bed, a bi-weekly series where couples try out high-tech sex toys—curated by pleasure marketplace My Secret Luxury—and then discuss what happened over G-chat. This week's toy: the We-Vibe 4 vibrator, which Rachel, a painter, and Keaton, a filmmaker, tried last weekend.

"The We-Vibe 4 is considered the best couples' vibrator on the market," explains My Secret Luxury founder Stacy Rybchin, who also cites the LELO Ida as another solid vibrator option for couples. "Men love the remote control and the opportunity to tease by switching between clitoral and G-spot stimulation. But it's best for women who like don't require a lot of power." Of course, not every toy is a great fit for every couple. Says Rybchin, "It's subjective and really depends on the shape of their bodies."



RACHEL: The toy is a purple, vibrating, double-pronged, C-shaped thing with a remote control to adjust sensation. It's intended to be inserted into the woman's vagina during sex, with the C hugging the clitoris.

KEATON: The packaging states "Couples: Pleasure for Two," but I wasn't 100 percent sure how I fit in. Or if I was supposed to fuck you while it's inside vibrating.

RACHEL: It's clearly geared toward the female partner since it holds itself in place and it's controlled remotely.


KEATON: You definitely couldn't use it on me.

RACHEL: Absolutely not. And I consider us to be sexually creative.


RACHEL: You reached for it first.

KEATON: Lol. One of us had to.

RACHEL: You don't really penetrate with it. You just insert it in place. Then you adjust the sensation with the remote. We had to develop an elaborate scenario to feel comfortable incorporating it into our sex. It was like I was a robot, and you were charging me.


KEATON: It's quiet, which makes it good for public use.

RACHEL: And that's how we intended to use it at first.

KEATON: We planned to go to Vons with you wearing it, and I would control the remote. But we didn't need groceries that morning. Anyway, you were pretty wet and it went in fine without lube.


RACHEL: You don't need lube to insert it, but the thing sits between the penis and any source of internal wetness. So no matter how wet I was, you still needed lube for when we had sex with it inside of me.

KEATON: I felt like I was going to pull it out of you with each thrust. Did it stay in?


RACHEL: It stayed in but kind of felt like when my NuvaRing gets tugged. The bigger issue for me is that the man is prevented from experiencing the woman's actual vagina, since the toy is in the way.

KEATON: Plus, for some reason, it was difficult to turn off.

RACHEL: Which is awful for a woman right after she cums.

KEATON: Having to click the remote like it's a stopwatch immediately after an orgasm isn't fun.


RACHEL: Strangely enough, the thing didn't sit on the part of my clit necessary to achieve orgasm. And because it also was vibrating inside of me—we couldn't figure out a way to turn off the internal vibe while keeping on the clit vibe—the sensation became overwhelming and made me unable to achieve orgasm. Normally, it's the exact opposite: I stay away from vibrators because they make me cum too quickly. But this one prevented me from achieving orgasm.

KEATON: Me, too. I found it a little numbing—like I was wearing a really tight condom or something.


RACHEL: That's why I'm not interested in wearing it around town anymore. Maybe it's good for anal sex, but we were so desensitized after vaginal sex that we didn't bother to try.


RACHEL: The We-Vibe 4 is clearly a product intended for women who aren't getting off from sex with their partner. For those women—and everyone else really—my advice is to get to know your partner better instead. If your girlfriend isn't getting off, have her show you how she does it to herself. Think of ways to bring the things you think about when masturbating to partnered sex. Try role-playing. Or get a fetish.


KEATON: I'm with you. Just make sure you're connecting with your baby to the fullest and beyond.

RACHEL: Or just take a Midori rope bondage class.

Test Bed couples previously reviewed the Revel Body Vibrator and the Hello Touch Vibrator.


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