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Playboy - Entertainment For Men

Good music is like sex, reaching between the ears to scratch at places in the brain nothing else can. The best of both can be found in our April Sex & Music issue, which will hit newsstands on Friday, March 21. Highlights include:

The Sound of Revolution. Osama al-Salloum is like any other on-air personality, but he's broadcasting from the Syria uprising. Daniel C. Britt travels to the front lines to witness a war fought with radio.

Backstage Pass. The historic Roxy Theatre in L.A. is no stranger to after-show antics. Thankfully, neither are our Playmates.

To Live and Die in Chiraq. Hundreds die in Chicago streets as violent teenage superstars become rap kings. Ethan Brown separates headlines from reality.

Boogie Nights. Miss April Shanice Jordyn keeps the 1970s alive with a sexy private roller-rink party.

20 Greatest Songs with Swearing. Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum run down the greatest NSFW lyrics in music history.

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